Gamejam 2 (group project)

Bait and Switch - Gameplay Video

Michiel van ommen ss 2016 12 20 at 07 00 12

Final result of the game

Michiel van ommen screenshot00000

Very first rough layout on day one

Michiel van ommen screenshot00012

On Friday before the weekend

Michiel van ommen screenshot00013

Monday after weekend

Gamejam 2 (group project)

During the second block of my second year, we had to do 3 game jams within basically 6 weeks.
We got the themes on Tuesday and had to deliver on next week Friday.

Credits go to Keriem Dijksma, Sare Bolek for the other art production
Also credits to our programmer and designer team members.

From the first gamejam, we learned a lot more about scope and what we are able to produce within less than 7 days.
So with the second one, we lowered the scope and tried to polish as much as possible.

Here again, I was in charge of lighting, visual effects, material, and everything surrounding implementing art assets into the engine.
It was a lot more hectic this time around, but the results in the art department came out great.

Here I even learned more about scripting and blueprinting itself.

More artwork
Michiel van ommen 714548570 640Michiel van ommen maxresdefault