Principium - A student cinematic

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First vs Final Cinematic
A video showing our first animatic we had followed by our final result

3D animatic after several weeks of work. The overall camera position & angles are locked by now.

Comparisons between various iterations of one of the shots. I've worked on the entire cinematic's camera work. I made iterations depending on the flow, composition, focus point of the viewer, and feedback from having other random people watch the video.

Tutorial created during 3D animatic phase - Maya Ubercamera with camera rigs

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Very early on paintover, finding the composition for myself as well as a thorough explanation for the rest of my team to show what I am doing

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Paintovers to explain visually what the textures of the sand should look like back in that stage. My focus here was to try and guide the viewer's eye up towards the red light.

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Another example of paintovers, changed composition, added details for rocks, and explained rhythm in details and overall design to make the shot more interesting.

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Used a lot of "PostageStamps" with disabled inputs in Nuke setup to keep setup clean and navigable

Michiel van ommen animateroots

A short film about how life, against all odds, finds a way to thrive!

This is a project created by 7 NHTV students in their 3rd year. We had no experience in film making at all nor does the school focus on teaching students about this subject. It's a project that took us roughly 24 weeks to produce, going through several iterations till we landed on this.

My task on this was the cinematographer, lighting artist, rendering artist, compositing artist, and art director.

More artwork
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