Captain Magnet - Game

Video - Ingame

Michiel van ommen mockupweek2 1

First concept art and whitebox, 4 weeks before deadline.

Michiel van ommen mockupweek7

Final ingame footage

Sketchfab - Character Turntable

Video - Character Turntable

Captain Magnet - Game

A first-year game project with a team size of 5 people.
The concept was:
A 2.5-D physic puzzle game, set in the 1950s, and all in the point of view of playing a little game set for kids. Magnet power became the new big trend instead of nuclear power.

The project lasted 7 weeks. And besides being the only artist in that team, I was also the team lead for the first two or three weeks.
I did the environment, character, rigging, animation, effects, texturing, and lighting.

More artwork
Michiel van ommen promo sax mech prince 010Michiel van ommen 714548570 640Michiel van ommen maxresdefault