Gaudi World Building

Student Project Unreal Tournament map - Gaudí

Michiel van ommen screenshot00058
Michiel van ommen conceptsketches

An excerpt of concept sketches I made at the beginning

Michiel van ommen modelshot01

Main area that I've modeled

Michiel van ommen picture1

This was the whitebox level given by the designer - Credits to Theodore Hilhorst

We managed to get our project in UE4's sizzle reel #EpicFriday

Gaudi World Building

This is a multiplayer level for Unreal Tournament with the theme of Gaudi.

Within 6 weeks, we went from coming up with a concept to bringing it all together in Unreal Engine 4. The initial whitebox level was given by a designer friend.
I took up the task to be the art lead of this project. I was in charge on the look and feel of the whole area.

I extensively worked from big picture to smaller details - created a terrain map down to concepts of plant pots. Next to that, I created the lightmaps for every object in the scene along with the lighting and shader work / adjustments. And modeled the large wall in the main area.

Michiel van Ommen - Art lead, Art Director, lighting artist, 3D modeler
Kaj de Jong - 3D modeler, Texture Artist, Shader Artist
Rick Vervuurt - 3D modeler
Pim Martens - 3D modeler
Julian Hofman - 3D modeler
Martijn Petersen - 3D modeler, Texture Artist
Dustin Agerbeek - 3D modeler, Shader Artist

More artwork
Michiel van ommen promo sax mech prince 010Michiel van ommen principiumicon