AntiGrav - Custom Engine
Michiel van ommen promoart cardrifter

Final concept art I made for the game at the end of the project.

Michiel van ommen promoart cavedrifter

Final concepts I made near the end of the project. Sadly not ingame image, it's a pre-rendered scene done with Arnold.

Michiel van ommen promoart headdrifter
Michiel van ommen antigrav concept1

Initial, polished concept sketch of this project that I made

Michiel van ommen ss 2017 06 14 at 10 52 35

Terrain work in Houdini

AGR Trailer

AntiGrav - Custom Engine

The challenge with this project was to work on a custom engine the programmers in our team were still working on.

Maya was our game editor and PBR workflow in the engine was introduced two days before the end of the project. We came across many obstacles, but this project taught us many important work ethics to work on a project in a team.

In this project, I was set as the art lead. I focused on giving rapid, constructive feedback that go into detail what it is required to improve assets. I also forced myself to use Houdini more often to create procedural assets again. Rocks, pillars, and terrain. As well as modeling couple of environment pieces.

Team size was 20+ people.

More artwork
Michiel van ommen render morning finalMichiel van ommen workshop concept3 3Michiel van ommen 3d model watch project