Personal Project - Take Two

General / 28 October 2018

Hello everyone!

Here I am, at it again. Made some progress with my work! 

Current Stage

I began creating couple of assets in the last two or so weeks. And since I'm still at school, I allow myself to explore some various methods to see which one fits me best. Just recently I explored one that really suits me a lot and I'm quite happy about it.

It's just an intro to a paid tutorial that I didn't watch. But from the intro alone you can see the approach they use. With that description of sketching detail in through "First, Secondary, and Tertiary"-concept. Primary being the big, main shape. Secondary are larger areas on those main shapes. And details are for the minor details to give the whole object more interest. For some reason, sketching in that approach really helped me a lot to set the ideas down fast. 

That's the major find I made besides minor solutions for some technical issues like Shaders, instances, etc. 

I began on the tubular greenhouse machine in the back. The initial design you see here is scrapped by something new and more sleek. But it shows the animation and the cost of it really well.

(first view change shows light complexity and then quad-overdraw)

And here are some summary GIFs again like last time. I'll keep this up and improve them regularly over time. 

What's Next

For the next few weeks I will focus heavily on the center of the room while constant filling the rest up here and there.

Also did some quick paintovers concepts so you can see where I am trying to head towards. I might or might not follow them through since I am not totally happy with them yet.



Looking back, progression feels slow to me, but I constantly have to remind myself that I am also exploring different concepts and designs. If I had a completely finished concept of a room, I would plow through it a lot faster for sure. 

And in the end, still enjoying it! Can't wait myself to see this finished :D

Yours truly,

Michiel van Ommen